American Health Internship Programs

American Health has established internship programs for healthcare providers. Physicians, nurses, EMTs and paramedics,

American Health Emergency Fellowships

Emergency management principles are used by all local, state and national disaster and emergency

Creating Hospital Centers of Excellence

The importance of developing a grand vision or plan with clear goals and implementing

Comprehensive Review Program: US Medical License Exam (USMLE)

American Health has developed a comprehensive USMLE review covering the basic science theory and

American Health Leadership Academy – Emergency Medicine

American Health Leadership Academy – Emergency Medicine A successful emergency department requires leadership that

Physician Symposiums

The educational programs available through American Health enhance the ability of healthcare professionals to

Physicians in Pediatric Nutrition Symposium

Pediatric Nutrition mainly focus on Pediatric Health Care, Pediatric Neurology, urology, Pediatric Nutrition research,

Topics in Emergency Medicine

Part 1: Emergency Medicine Topics. Advanced Life Support. Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/advanced Cardiac Life

Psychiatry in Medical Settings

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental,

Diabetes Update and Advances in Endocrinology

The Diabetes Update section on Thursday focuses on new ideas and therapies relevant to

Nephrology Update

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects more than 1 in 10 individuals in the United

Primary Care Orthopedics

Primary Care Orthopedics Employ physical exams to help determine next steps. Select optimal imaging

Treatment of Major Depression

Medications and psychotherapy are effective for most people with depression. Your primary care doctor

Ophthalmology: Specialized Cataract Training

This training guide supports providers, trainers and trainees by summarizing how to standardize the

Advances in Heart Disease

More than 800,000 people die every year due to cardiovascular diseases. That’s why it’s

Update in Electrocardiography and Arrhythmias

To diagnose a heart arrhythmia, the doctor will usually do a physical exam and

Advances in Colorectal Surgery

Recent advances in the management of rectal cancer: No surgery, minimal surgery or minimally invasive

Breast Imaging

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. It occurs when

Moving from Competence to Excellence in Patient Care

Provide patient-centered care—identify, respect, and care about patients’ differences, values, preferences, and expressed needs;

Ambulatory Management Program – Cohort 9

The Ambulatory Management Program is a training program for practice management teams, specifically physician

Recent Advances in Anderson- Fabry Disease: Translating the Latest Science into Best Practice – MASTER

Anderson-Fabry disease (AFD) is a lysosomal storage disorder (LSD) due to alpha-galactosidase A (alpha-Gal

Foundations of Educational Scholarship

This two-part foundational course, each part ½ day separated by approximately one month to give

Providing Effective Feedback: Introduction to Model and Small Group Practice

Feedback acts as a continuing part of the instructional process that supports and enhances

Fifth Annual Selected Topics in Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery: An International Symposium on Cranioplasty and Implantable Neurotechnology

Modern-day cranioplasty, along with the burgeoning field of Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery, is undergoing a

Precision Imaging Agents and Theranostics: Concept to Clinic

Molecular targeting is the foundation of current therapies for a variety of diseases including

Sixth Annual Percutaneous Tracheostomy and Advanced Airway Cadaver Course

Emergency airway management in critically ill patients outside the controlled setting of the Operating

Johns Hopkins Cardiac CT Practicum: The Total Experience November

The activity provides over 20 hours of didactic material, mentored interpretation of 150 cases

Advances in Internal Medicine Symposium

Internal medicine is one of the branches in medicine, which dedicated to the diagnosis and therapeutic

Hot Topics in Body CT Scanning: What You Need to Know

The rapid evolution of multidetector CT (MDCT) has impacted all aspects of patient diagnosis

Recent Advances in Anderson- Fabry Disease: Translating the Latest Science into Best Practice – Hospital Rounds

This dynamic initiative will combine evidence- and case-based discussions to promote translation of educational

Architecture of High Value Health Care: National Conference of the High Value Practice Academic Alliance

As medical centers across the United States work to increase health care value, cross-institutional

Contemporary Surgical Management of Thyroid and Parathyroid Disease

Many advances have been made in diagnostic modalities and treatment options for thyroid and

The Wilmer Eye Institute’s 32nd Annual Current Concepts in Ophthalmology

The Wilmer Eye Institute s 32 nd Annual Current Concepts in Ophthalmology DESCRIPTION This

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Campus Tobacco Treatment Certification Course

To help with the current burden our local communities face with tobacco usage, Johns

37th Annual Medical and Surgical Gastroenterology: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Multidisciplinary approach is a method of curriculum integration that highlights the diverse perspectives that different

Retinal Degenerations and Clinical Electrophysiology Course

Retinal degenerations are common lesions involving the peripheral retina, and most of them are clinically

Novel Targeted Agents in the Management of Recurrent Advanced Ovarian Cancer – Grand Rounds

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer death in women in