Team Steps for Disaster Response Training for Healthcare Providers and Institutions

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About Course


Team STEPS®:

1.Teamwork, Leadership & Transformation

  •   Disasters: Definitions, concepts & discussion of recent disasters
  •   Methods of effective team communication
  •   Leadership & teamwork concepts and skills session


2.Impact of Disasters, Incident Command & the Role of Healthcare Institutions 

  •  Impact of disasters on individuals, families, institutions & communities
  •  Standards of Care in Disaster & Public Health Emergencies
  •  Incident command structures for disaster response
  •  Disaster Response Plans, Policies and
  • Public Safety Services – Integrating Hospitals into the Big Plan
  •  Re-tasking Hospital Departments during a disaster
  •  Implementing a Disaster Response Program
  •  Using TeamSTEPS processes to facilitate change
  •  Disaster planning task force creation

3.Creating a Disaster Plan

  •  Review of Example Disaster Plans
  •  Panel Case Studies (World Trade Center analyzed)
  •  Creating a Disaster Plan Task Force
  • Developing the Hospital Emergency Management Plan
  •  Integrating with Local and community resources and Public Safety Agencies (Public Health, Police, Fire, EMS, Military, Religious Leaders & Institutions, Private Sector support)
  • Disaster Plan Creation
  • Educating Hospital Departments in the Plan & Staff Safety
  • Incident Command, Internal Communication &Coordination
  • Risk External Communications and Media Relations
  • Disaster Plan Implementation & Disaster Drills

4. Disaster Drill Creation

  •   Internal Disasters – (smoke/fire, power failure, hospital infection, HAZMAT, active shooter)
  •  External Disasters – (mass gathering, storms, fires, floods)
  •  Evacuating the Hospital, Security and Physical Infrastructure Protection
  •  Evacuating Multiple Hospitals
  •  Design an internal hospital disaster drill
  •  Design an external hospital disaster drill
  •  Debriefing and Feedback
  • Table top exercises
  •  Paper Disaster Drills
  •  Simulated Patients & Full Scale Drills

5. Field Training Exercises: Conducting Disaster Drills

  •  Field Training Exercise – Internal Disaster Drill
  •  Field Training Exercise: External & Hospital Involved Disasters
  •  Feedback & Recommendations


Class Size, Instructors, Assistants & Certifying body Course Duration: 5 days

Number of Students per session: 20 Number of Instructors per session: 2

Number of Courses: Multiple courses to cover key staff of Emergency Medical Services across Kuwait


Certifying body: Icahn School of Medicine-Mount Sinai Medical Center, Ohio Tactical Officer Association, and certificate of attendance TeamSTEPPS® provided by AHRQ.