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American Health Leadership Academy – Emergency Medicine

A successful emergency department requires leadership that is clinically and administratively prepared. It is assumed that chosen departmental leaders have significant clinical experience that position them to maximize emergency department resources and to interface effectively with other clinical services. Unfortunately, clinicians are often not prepared to meet administrative responsibilities required to be effective. Physician, nurse, and administrative leadership development is at the heart of quality improvements in emergency medicine.

There are many critical skills required of a department leader, the most basic of which include human resource assessments, budget development, data acquisition and analysis, report preparation and presentation, conflict resolution, and contract negotiations. Proficiency in communication and professionalism is fundamental.

American Health guides this interdisciplinary leadership development in which emergency development teams will be provided the opportunity to observe and develop highly successful leadership styles and participate in leadership education, both formally and in practice at their own institutions.

Leadership Academy Details
The Academy is designed to give participants insight into the expectations from administrators and clinical services that interface with emergency medicine, essential to provide insight in a neutral environment on how the hospital views emergency medicine and its role in the continuum of care. Participants in American Health’s Leadership Academy will be composed of selected emergency medicine physicians, nurse managers, and administrative leaders. These individuals will be brought to a dedicated Leadership Academy, a five-day intense workshop designed to assess and build their administrative skills. The Academy workshop will provide three hours of didactic presentations each morning and three hours of workshops each afternoon; assignments will be provided at the end for each day for home study and preparation for the following day. Afternoon lectures include:

Leadership principles
Managing people
Customer service and Strategic planning
ED facilities and design
ED operations
Participants in the Academy will have the opportunity to work with established leaders in emergency medicine, with Chairmen from Internal Medicine, Surgery and other specialties, and with hospital administrators situated in the United States. The Academy is co-hosted by American Health and expert faculty from Harvard Medical School in Boston Massachusetts, Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City, and the University of Denver in Colorado. Click here to contact American Health about this program.

Faculty experts
The topics above are standard course topics taught regularly in the United States by American Health’s educational partners. Teaching the Continuing Education EMT and Paramedics courses are faculty experts from the following American Health Affiliated Institutions:

Harvard Medical School
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Mount Sinai Medical School
George Washington University Medical School