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Who is American Health?

Founded in New York City, United States of America, and operating since 2009 in many countries across the globe. American Health is a pioneer firm specializing in establishing top-notch healthcare facilities and supplying American hospitals with health workforce. American Health enables Healthcare providers and organizations to maximize their potential by providing exceptional, operational, educational, and staffing programs

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Life Changing Program

NCLEX Research Opportunities

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) TAC Background Created to encourage research that supports the continued use of the NCLEX for initial licensure and supports enhancements to the NCLEX process.

Global Research

Global research plays a critical role in addressing many of the world’s most pressing health issues. American Health Academy conducts global health research that supports people, groups, and communities affected by marginalization, exclusion, and exploitation.

Civic Engagement

In everyday practice, voting has a profound effect on public health. In their effort to promote healthier communities, nurses and healthcare professionals can incorporate civic engagement into their care tips for patients.

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