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An Emergency medical care, skills, and transportation for critical and emergent patients.

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The unique features of the Academy are listed as follows:

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We at "American Health Academy "has dedicated a whole program to international nurses who are aiming to live and work in the USA. If you are planning to work in the USA, we help you to transmute your plan by offering an NCLEX® program through our institution. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to break down each challenge and systematically pass the exam.

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Our research has an impact globally join us in tackling the big issues.

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NCLEX Research Opportunities

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) TAC Background Created to encourage research that supports the continued use of the NCLEX for initial licensure and supports enhancements to the NCLEX process.

Global Research

Global research plays a critical role in addressing many of the world’s most pressing health issues. American Health Academy conducts global health research that supports people, groups, and communities affected by marginalization, exclusion, and exploitation.

Civic Engagement

In everyday practice, voting has a profound effect on public health. In their effort to promote healthier communities, nurses and healthcare professionals can incorporate civic engagement into their care tips for patients.

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