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Smart Clinics


The goal of American Health Telemedicine Healthcare Centers is to enable access to the best healthcare and top global healthcare providers to areas with limited or no access to medical care through the provision of telehealth and telemedicine services.

What We Do

American Health Provides the tools and resources healthcare providers need to deliver the best patient care in collaboration with our US partners who provide Tele-Clinic Health Care in the US.

Our Services include:

  • Develop and Operate Telemedicine Centers for treatment and care of patients with all health care needs

How American Health Telemedicine Works

A web enable platform that connects consumers to quality healthcare providers securely wherever they are and at convenient hours. Healthcare providers can:

  • Discuss symptoms
  • Diagnose Conditions
  • Prescribe Medications
  • Manage care more efficiently
  • Patients Visit Our Tele-Clinic and are checked in and guided by our professional clinic staff
  • Our American Health Tele-Clinic staff access care by logging the patient into the electronic telemedicine system
  • Electronic Medical records are charted online
  • Providers refer when appropriate
  • Patient and primary care providers (if agreed to by the patient) receive an after visit summary to ensure connected care
  • Patient receives follow-up phone call and care through American Health Telemedicine when appropriate

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