Cardiac Assessment: Stenosis or Regurgitation

Categories: Nursing
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About Course

Aortic valve disease [aortic stenosis (AS) and aortic regurgitation (AR)] represents an important global health problem. The data on the exact prevalence of AS and AR in the general population are lacking, but studies performed in Western populations estimate that 3% to 4% of the adult population suffers from moderate or severe aortic valve disease. The prevalence of AS and AR increases with age; it is estimated that 1% of persons aged < 55 years and 6% of persons aged > 75 years suffer from moderate or severe AS/AR

What Will You Learn?

  • Evaluating a patient who presents with cardiac symptoms is a complex and multi-step process.
  • In addition to obtaining a thorough history, a detailed cardiac examination is of paramount importance.
  • In the era where medical technologies advance rapidly, one may think that savvy medical diagnostics such as echocardiography or cardiac CT-scan can replace a thorough cardiac exam readily.