Basic Statistics in Nursing Research

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Role of Statistics in Nursing Research
An understanding of basic statistics will help nurses to interpret the strength of findings within a research paper. Staying abreast of developments in health research and using this knowledge to improve patient care can be both challenging and rewarding for nursing staff.
As a nurse, you will use statistics to identify specific patterns in important signs and symptoms and be able to respond better to any medical changes to your patient. Using frequency charts or data sheets to document the timing of medication given to patients is another way that nurses use statistics. Common statistical tests that measure differences in groups are independent samples t-test, paired sample t-tests, and analysis of variance. Two common statistical tests that measure relationships are the Pearson product moment correlation and chi-square.
The two types of statistics are: Descriptive and inferential.
They need statistics knowledge so they can read and interpret nursing and medical research findings, use appropriate statistical methods to report their own research, understand when research findings are statistically significant, and determine if they are generalizable to certain groups of people.