Why American Health Academy is Best?

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We at “American Health Academy “has dedicated a whole program to international nurses who are aiming to live and work in the USA. If you are planning to work in the USA, we help you to transmute your plan by offering an NCLEX® program through our institution. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to break down each challenge and systematically pass the exam.


We put learning materials into the hands of educators and students so that our students in developing countries can obtain the education they need to bring advanced care to their communities. We didn’t invent distance learning, but we’re making it available where it’s needed most so that students and educators have the support they need. And,  we help educators adapt the learning materials to meet local needs through our free consulting service.

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 American Health Academy goal is to provide comprehensive and effective online CPR and healthcare training courses to help save lives. The AHCA training certification courses are developed to provide comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy-to-understand accredited First Aid and CPR courses. Whether you need to learn adult CPR, First Aid basics, or if you need to become certified in Bloodborne Pathogens.